Light and Shade Challenge Friday 30th May 2014

Welcome to Friday and the Friday Challenge

Thomas Marlowe here - as Lyssa is away for a week's holiday by the sea.
Are you ready for the weekend?  Below you will find two prompts, one a picture and one a quote.  Have a look and see what story they inspire you to tell and then go for it - in 100 words or less!  You can use one or both and you don't need to refer to them in your writing, just follow that spark of inspiration whether it is fact, fiction or poetry.  You have until next Sunday at noon GMT so go for it.  Have fun, write some stuff and then use the link underneath to let people see it.  

Here is the picture prompt.  Please credit it if you use it on your own blog.

Image courtesy of hisks on

Here is the quote

Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.

G K Chesterton

It is really encouraging to have comments on your work and it can give people a real lift.  Sometimes it is nice to just let someone know that their writing hit the spot.  Sometimes you can give a little help with a suggestion or hint.  Please comment on the other writers as much as you feel able.  The rule with that is the quote from WB Yeats, 'I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.'  These posts are someone's dreams.  


  1. Lovely prompt TM.


  2. I agree with the yarnspinnerr
    Love the Chesterton

  3. Looks like I missed it is link to my post, in any case.

    1. I keep forgetting the time difference. Next time, I'll set an alarm⏰

    2. I added your link to the link up - I'd hate to see it missed just because of timing.


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