Last Challenge Wednesday 27 June 2017

This is the last challenge, at least for a while, as things here are too hectic to do justice to the wonderful work people have created after looking at this blog.  However, if you like your writing challenges, I recommend you look over to 'Our Write Side' and they have some awesome challenges.  I'm sure you'll find something that sparks there.  

Tom and I only ever wanted to fill a gap that we missed when Trifecta gracefully bowed out, and we have had a lot of fun setting the challenges (and trying to see what we could manage ourselves).  Tonight I'm setting a challenge that I hope is fun, inspiring and challenging - just like every week.  

Here is the picture.  Please credit it if you use it in your blog.

Instead of a quotation, I give you a Welsh word

(There isn't a direct English equivalent)

You have a week to have a play with this, either the picture, the word, both or whatever tenuous spark comes from them.  Enjoy!  After that you can only link in the comments, but you can scroll around the blog as much as you like.  

It has been an honour to be touched by all those who have linked over the time of this blog, and I am greatful that we have been associated with your amazing creativity.  


  1. Enjoyed writing for the prompt and we always did, hoping that you will return soon.

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