Wednesday 28th January 2015

Welcome to this week’s Light and Shade Challenge!

Every Wednesday we put up a new Challenge.  There is a picture, a quotation and a 500 word limit.  The Challenge is to take whatever is sparked by the picture and/or the quotation, however tenuous or remote the connection, and see how much fun you can have in 500 words.  We never count the words.  The main thing that is important to us (Lyssa Medana and Thomas Marlowe) is the fun.  You have until midnight GMT Tuesday.

Here is the picture prompt.  Please credit if you show it on your blog.  

Edited to Add: I forgot the linky to the picture! Thanks to Just Kerry for the heads up, and I've put it right now. I'm sneaking off now to check the other Challenges I've got prepared just in case. I think I may be living up to this week's quotation lol! Thanks again Just Kerry. Lyssa M x

Here is the quotation.

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege

It is really encouraging to have comments on your work and it can give people a real lift.  Sometimes it is nice to just let someone know that their writing hit the spot.  Sometimes you can give a little help with a suggestion or hint.  Please comment on the other writers as much as you feel able.  The rule with that is the quote from WB Yeats, 'I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.'  These posts are someone's dreams.


  1. Where is the picture from? I do not see it being credited! I ofcourse am fascinated by it!


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