Keeping on

Hi, Lyssa here.  The last three months of prompts were set up by me during a marathon session where I looted Wiki Commons for public domain pictures and tried to remember all the great quotes (and yes, I searched online as well).

I am about to start another marathon session, with Thomas' input this time, and now is a good time to give me any feedback, ideas or suggestions.

We would both really love to hear what you think, please let us know.  Lyssa M x


  1. I've enjoyed the prompts, especially since they are only required to inspire.

  2. The pictures and quotes have been awesome the last three months and I know that I have enjoyed them greatly! I would only have two suggestions (and that's just because I love these two things for inspiration): pictures/quotes about nature and pictures/quotes about space. I think that NASA's pictures are open for public use. At least, I hope they are, it's been a bit since I've used pictures other than from wiki commons or my own camera.

    1. Honest, I had one from NASA cued up already (I've got as far as the start of February), that is a happy coincidence. However I shall have a rummage over there now I know I can go direct, and I shall definitely look at nature quotes, thanks for the idea and thank you for commenting. Lyssa M x

  3. The U.S. Library of Congress has a vast photograph archive and many are Public Domain, or available for "fair use."


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