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Tom and I are still really stunned and flattered by the positive response to the Light and Shade Challenge.  We have had far too much fun with them, but we have had a lot of real life stuff going on as well.  We really want to keep it going, but perhaps in a slightly different format.  We always knew when we started this last April that we would have to tweak things to get it right.  So here is our first tweak.  It's not going to be that different, as most people seemed to like it generally.  We just want to make it a bit easier to have fun.

The challenge is dropping to once per week plus extra challenges twice per month.  We took on board the number of people who missed a challenge or who said that the weekend was a tough time to fit in writing.  I am also aware that some people do a lot of writing over the weekend.  So we have decided that the Challenge will be once per week from Wednesday to the following Tuesday which hopefully will give people enough time to have fun writing if they want to take part.  It will still be in the format of a picture, a quotation and a 500 word limit.

We are also going to add another two challenges - on the first Monday of the month we are planning a challenge with a 2500 word limit and on the third Monday of the month we are planning another challenge but with a 100 word limit, both of them with a time limit of a fortnight.  We are hoping to get a bit more creative with the prompts for those, so watch out.

We would also like views on whether we should add advertising.  Any revenue could support things like donations to Wiki (you may be able to tell that I have used a lot from there), paying for photos and stuff like that.

Thomas also suggested that we have competitions.  To be honest, I find this terrifying.  I can't choose what cake to get in a coffee shop so how am I supposed to help choose between the amazing stuff that is on here?  It was something Trifecta did, though, and Trifecta were truly awesome, so please let me and Tom know what you think.

So, the first tweaks.  I hope you can let us know your reactions.  Thank you for taking part and all your support, I hope you can continue having fun.  Lyssa M


  1. I love the new ideas!
    Even though I haven't been active, I do check the prompts to see if maybe a light bulb will turn on in my head.
    I'm looking fo!ward to seeing how this works out. :-)

  2. I think the new ideas are great, too, but personally the competitive aspect of Trifecta was, for me, extremely stressful, so I'd say no to that.

    I love this group, and I am going to try to participate a lot more often. Keep up the great work! xx

  3. Due to physical problems, I've been unable to participate recently, however, I love the new changes. They sound like wonderful ideas, and I look forward to participating once again.

  4. I support these new ideas! I would love to keep writing challenges twice a week, but I understand that life is not going to be what we want all the time. Having a 1st Monday and 3rd Monday extra challenges with a weekly challenge sound like a lot of fun!

    If the competition thing goes down (which would be awesome) I don't envy you for the position of picking one. It is certainly hard, but if you want to do it, I am confident that y'all will find a way.

  5. I think the new ideas are wonderful! Thank you guys, so much for keeping this going. :)

    As far as the competition goes, I think one here and there would be fun! It is terrifying for many, many different reasons, but the occasional competitive entry would be a nice challenge ;)

    I also just want to say, I love this community! There are a lot of really good writers here, and they're all so lovely!

  6. Competitions are terrifying but OK every once in a while. For the few prompts that I have participated in I have really enjoyed it! I think you have a great thing going and hope that I can be more active in future. I have went through a dry spell writing wise and hope that as the weather turns colder my creativity will return! Thank you for starting this great site and I look forward to what comes in the future. ♥

  7. I love the prompts over here and welcome the changes. Competitions are terrifying but also fun in a way, so here's another aye in its favour! Keep up the great work :-)

  8. I like the new ideas, especially the opportunity to write longer stories. I admit I struggle with 500 words, but enjoy the challenge.

    Regarding the ads, I say do whatever helps keep the site running. While I've done what you are doing, I imagine it can cost in both your time and labor, as well as hosting expenses. So, go for it.

    I'm not fond of competitions, but that doesn't mean others shouldn't enjoy them. I used to write at Trifecta and, regardless of the competition, put things up. I'll do the same here.

    Thank you for managing this prompt site. If you ever need prompt pictures, let me know:~)

  9. I must have missed this post. Just reading it now for the first time! Anyway, I love the new ideas. And I'm down for some competition. It helps me to keep striving and I like having a goal. Thank you for keeping our Trifecta spirits alive. Much love ~ Ashley :)


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