Welcome to Light and Shade Challenge

Lyssa here.  It is quite a responsibility to write the first post in a new joint adventure.  Tom is working hard on getting together some picture prompts at the moment, so it seems only fair that I take my share and introduce Light and Shade Challenge.

We have known each other a long time, and both love writing.  Tom introduced me to the different writer's challenges and I found it really helpful.  I always found Trifecta tough as the short word count was exacting, but I loved it.  When I read that Trifecta were no longer continuing I was so sad and of course started talking things over with Tom. 

I think everyone has had those conversations, the sort that wander and wind around subjects without direction and one thing leads to another.  As we talked we found ourselves talking about how to set challenges, how to generate them and what we would include.  The discussion wandered along some very strange byways and as we were near a computer Tom checked to see if what we were discussing was possible. 

Without realising it we had sat up late and not only generated a huge stack of ideas and plans but also worked out exactly how to do it.  There was a moment like the feeling of sitting at the start of the rollercoaster and then we took a deep breath and went for it.

We are having amazing fun and are very excited about the ideas we have been bouncing off each other.  We can't wait to get started.

Our idea is that we set a 500 word challenge on Monday with a picture and word prompt, and a 100 word challenge on Friday.  Both challenges end on the following Sunday at midnight GMT.  Occasionally we set an oddball challenge, something a bit different and we'll set the challenge for around ten days then.  No-one has to commit to all of them as it is all about having fun.

Tom and I both hope that people will look at the challenge, take a moment to think and then use the ideas sparked to write.  The prompts are a launch pad, not a destination. 

We are having so much fun and we hope that we can share that.  You can always let us know what you think with the 'Contact Us' form, by leaving comments on the blog or on the Facebook page, or messaging us on Facebook.  We would both love to hear from anyone interested. 

The first challenge goes up for next Monday - I hope you feel able to join in!


  1. I'm definitely interested! Thanks for the invitation. I'll do what I can to spread the word.


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