Nearly Time...

Lyssa and I have spent the last few days discussing how best to organise things for the site and brainstorming potential prompts and ideas.    One of the things we were mulling over was the time that each challenge should close - we were torn between having plenty of time for the actual act of writing and the need for us to have time to read all the contributions before the next challenge was posted.

In the end we reached a happy compromise and all our challenges will end on the Sunday following the prompt being posted at twelve noon  (since Lyssa and I are both based in England, that's twelve noon GMT by the way).

The first prompt will be up very soon - one picture and one quotation - and we hope you will take a look at them and that either or both will stir up some inspiration.    We've both really enjoyed coming up with these prompts and hope that you'll enjoy them too.

Hope to see you soon



  1. Getting excited about the launch. Can't wait to see what you and Lyssa have planned.

    1. We're both quite excited ourselves and hope things go well. And you're officially the source of our first ever comment here, so thanks Tara! - TM

  2. Excited to play, SOON! (After writing 168 poems in April, I am putting.down.the.pen. for a few days.) ;) Thank you for the personal invite! Just subscribed to get you in my email inbox! :)

    De Jackson


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